Saturday, July 21, 2012


I had the privilege of taking Jennifer's newborn photos earlier this week, a day shy of her two week mark. She could not have been cuter. Though she was wide awake for most of the shoot, it allowed me to get some photos of her beautiful eyes and smile. We finally figured out that all we needed to do to lull her to sleep was to take her outside. She was out! That girl's gonna be a nature girl, for sure! And it made for some gorgeous photos. Her daddy also made an amazing nursery for her (what a lucky girl!). If you're in South Florida and need an update on any room, check out his Facebook.

Can't wait to take more photos of her this fall! 


Oh boy, what can I say about Laila? She is basically a totally and ridiculously adorable baby girl who stole my heart (and I'm pretty much sure everyone else's heart she comes into contact with). We were trying to get the shoot done before the 4th of July so she could wear her festive little outfit. I could not have had a more photogenic little girl. The camera loved her and so did I! Can't wait to work with her again for her 1 year photoshoot!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Morgan and Larry Engagement Session

After dating for several years, Larry popped the question on a trip to New York City over Thanksgiving. Their story is pretty cute: Morgan wasn't feeling well and had decided to just take it easy for the night. Larry had planned to present her the ring while out for dinner that night, but he figured now was better than never since she didn't want to go to out, so he got on his knees right there and then and asked her to marry him. Well suffice it to say, she immediately felt a lot better, and they ended up going out to dinner to celebrate with her family. I wish these two the best of luck. 
There were nothing but smiles and laughs during the whole session, and I imagine that's how their relationship is too. Congrats, guys! 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ashley & Colby

When Ashley asked me to take photos of her with her pup, I whole-heartedly agreed. As a fellow dog-lover with my own fur-baby, I wished I had thought of doing that with my own dog. I guess everyone needs a little inspiration every once in a while.. :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Micah's eyes speak for themselves. What a character! He loves his stuffed animals more than life itself and had names for all of them. He loved them so much in fact, that he wanted me to do a photoshoot with them instead of him. It was so cute watching him play with them all. He's such a curious and playful little boy. I just wanted to photograph those eyes forever!

The Ellsworth Family

Sometimes I love living in a small town and seeming to know everyone. The Ellsworth family relates to that, being that they were teachers of mine in High School and I was in the same grade as one of the kids. They were a fun loving group and it was a riot to work with them. Though the wind was blowing up a storm, we had a great time and I hope to do it again soon. 


This is the dear sweet little Lily-bug. She is the daughter of one of my best friends and let me tell you, "Auntie Margeaux" loves her very much. I've never seen her cry, she's always full of smiles and laughs to brighten your day. She was two weeks old when I took these photos and I hope to take many more of her throughout her life. 
Love you, Lily! <3